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6 February 2015

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Our Educational Programs

The following degree programs are carried out at the Private Institution of Higher Professional Education “Samara Academy for the Humanities”:

030100.68 Philosophy (Bachelor’s Degree Course. Master’s Degree Course)

The Master’s program on “Philosophy of Media” is intended for 2 years. It is aimed at developing competence in the sphere of mass media philosophy. The course graduate should be distinguished by non-standard thinking to be able to analyze fundamental problems of information society. Emphasis is laid on studying the following issues: ontological nature of media -reality; the importance of media in the development of contemporary worldview; transformation of physicality in social medium; interactivity of new media and knowledge transformation; media and the government; the position of an intellectual in the media scene; the principles of creating media images.

080100.62 Economics (Bachelor’s Degree Course. Master’s Degree Course)

Instruction is based upon a system approach to Economics seen as a complex multifactor process developing within a broad social context. Economics has a significant impact on social processes and, in return, experiences the reverse influence. The Bachelor’s degree program in Economics includes: accounting, analysis and audit; Taxes and taxation; Finance and Credit. The program content is negotiable and instruction is carried out in partnership with employers. Practical application of theoretical foundations of learning through the Laboratory of accounting and tax consulting is also of importance.

The Master’s degree course in Economics was opened in 2013.


030300.62 Psychology (Bachelor’s Degree Course)

The main educational program in Psychology is aimed at training professionals in analysis and regulation of group and personal interaction, industrial conflict and stress management, socio-psychological diagnostics for industrial relations as well as employees. Theoretical education is combined with scientific research and practical training in various areas of business psychology. Practical training is carried out in personnel management services in the leading enterprises of the city, employment centers, socio-psychological research laboratories at Samara Academy for the Humanities. Among the teaching staff are the authors of unique diagnostic tests and questionnaires, procedures for training courses and consulting.


031300.62 Journalism (Bachelor’s Degree Course)

The main educational program of the Bachelor’s degree course carried out at Samara Academy for the Humanities is stated in the documents worked out for training professionals in journalism and approved by the Academic Council. The program was designed in conformity with the Federal State educational standard and a recommended sample program, with regard to the needs of the labor market. The program sets forth the objectives, learning outcomes, content, learning environment and teaching methods, quality assessment of graduates, and also contains the curriculum, programs for the study area and other materials aimed at providing high quality of training as well as resource materials and programs for internships.

030900.62 Law (Bachelor’s Degree Course. Master’s Degree Course)


The important feature of carrying out the Bachelor’s Degree Course educational program is its practice-oriented approach ensured by the Academy’s facilities. The Law Clinic founded in the Law Department with the support of the American Bar Association enables the students to effectively combine learning with social problem solution.

The essential component of professional training is the students’ participation in innovative and socially significant projects.

Master’s Degree Course

“Business Law. Commercial Law”

The goal of the program is to prepare highly qualified professionals in the field of legal service for regional business in the context of growing international cooperation.

The modules ensuring the fulfillment of the program goal and mission:

  • Analytical jurisprudence;
  • Basics of entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation;
  • Entrepreneurship organization;
  • Legal regulation of entrepreneurship with international participation;
  • Protection of business entities.

Additional program modules include teaching units from disciplines related to psychology of management, theory of business processes, international and business protocol.

Master’s Degree Course

“Problems of Combating Crime and Realization of Justice “

The goal of the program is to prepare highly qualified professionals in the field of legislation, law enforcement, counseling, organizational activities and management, research and teaching, who are knowledgeable about methodology of creative science activities and modern information technologies and possess the skills required for independent decision making and problem solving.

The program comprises two modules, each including a set of general legal and specialist subjects to ensure achievement of the program goals:

  1. The module of general legal and specialist subjects preparing graduates for work in the field of legislation, law enforcement, counseling, organizational activities and management.
  2. The module of general legal and specialist subjects preparing graduates for research, pedagogical and counseling activities.