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6 February 2015

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Science and Methodology Research Activities

Scientific research is connected with the profiles of professional training. Vital problems in philosophy, philology, psychology, economic and law systems were explored in 2013 according to the five directions laid down by the Academic Council.

Actuality of the research performed is determined by the professional and scientific interests of the teaching staff and research teams, as well as by the needs of the state and the Middle-Volga Region. At present a number of scientific directions and schools are being developed at the Academy under the guidance of its leading scholars.

  1. Philosophic activities in the post-classical period. – Supervisors: Natalya Yu.Voronina, Candidate of Philosophy, Professor; Sergey A. Lishaev, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.
  2. Language Theory and Lingvodidactics - Supervisor: Evgeniy E. Stefanskiy, Doctor of Philology, Professor.
  3. Theoretical and methodological problems of humanitarian cognition in education. – Supervisor Sergey V. Bykov, Doctor of Psychology, Professor; Alexander V. Kaptsov, Candidate of Psychology, Assistance professor.
  4. Methodological and applied research of essential problems in regional economy. – Supervisor: Natalya S. Sakhchinskaya, Doctor of Economics, Assistant professor; Galina N. Gogina, Candidate of Economics, Assistant professor.
  5. Modernization of Russian society and its law support. – Supervisor: Vladimir K. Duyunov, Doctor of Law, Professor.

In conformity with the directions mentioned above, 9 fundamental and 17 applied science themes are being explored.

Research work performed at the Academy deals with the following aspects:

  • studies of the specific features of scientific research and innovation activities and their realization;
  • generalization of innovative practical experience in organizing and conducting scientific research at the Academy and other higher educational and research institutions , as well as research methods applied.

For the past 5 years, as a result of the scientific research work performed at the Academy, 4 doctoral and 18 candidate’s theses have been developed and defended at the Academy, 31 monographs, a number of students’ textbooks, study guides and scientific papers have been published in Russia and abroad. The scholars of the Academy have participated in various scientific conferences and forums at the regional, federal and international levels. The results of scientific research are used in instruction. In the period of 2008-2013 5 grants of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation, the Samara region grant and the regional award were conferred on the Academy scholars.

The Academy has post-graduate courses in 11 (уточнить) study areas (economics, philosophy, philology, law and psychology). For the past 10 years 24 post-graduate students have defended their candidate’s theses; 8 doctoral and 43 candidate’s theses have been defended by members of the teaching staff. 27 lecturers were awarded scientific degrees and titles. Today there are 25 doctors and 89 candidates of science among the Academy’s 184 lecturers and instructors.

Since 2007 the “Bulletin of Samara Academy of Humanities” has been published in four series in the following areas: law, psychology, philosophy and philology, and economics.

According to the Information Analytical System SCIENCE INDEX in 2012, the “Bulletin of Samara Academy for the Humanities”, series “Philosophy and Philology” ranks 8th among 18 Russian philosophic journals, being ahead of many Moscow journals and those of other large Russian universities. Among the journals on philosophy in higher education, the “Bulletin of Samara Academy for the Humanities” ranks 2nd (immediately after the “Bulletin of Moscow State University”).

The “Bulletin of Samara Academy for the Humanities”, series “Psychology” ranks 12th among 35 journals in the field. Among the journals on psychology in higher education it is second after the “Bulletin of Moscow State University”.

The Academy pays much attention to the students’ research which takes various forms: clubs and clinics; scientific publications; participation in scientific and practical conferences. All chairs and departments involved in teaching general professional and specialist subjects take an active part in organizing and supervising students’ research work. There are 13 students’ science clubs and laboratories currently working at the Academy.

The Academy is the organizer of annual students’ science conferences and also holds other scientific events for students.

The students participate in international, all-Russian and regional conferences, contests and competitions on a regular basis. 14 students have been awarded scholarships of the Samara Region Governor for their successful studies and research work. 8 students have been awarded Regional scholarships named after Peter V. Alabin.