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6 February 2015

for Students and Postgraduates
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Mission, policy and development strategy

1. The official policy, strategy and development program, quality assurance procedures of SAH are stated in a number of documents. The Academy, its faculties, departments and other subdivisions work out and monitor a quality assurance system in accordance with these documents.

The policy, strategy and procedures are aimed at gaining academic and organizational self-sufficiency of SAH and its acknowledgement by the society as well.

The documents on the policy, strategy, procedures and training curriculum fall into 3 groups: “Policy”, “Strategy and development program (2012 – 2018)”, “Quality assurance procedures”.

The document “Policy of Samara Academy for the Humanities” contains conceptual and methodological principles and describes the three documents’ structural composition.

2. The mission of private institution of higher education “Samara Academy for the Humanities” is aimed at developing a humanistic sense of free Russia and implementing a humanitarian education concept, based on:

  • human values,
  • intellectual development,
  • national history,
  • achievements of the European and global civilization,
  • overcoming the language barrier in scientific and professional communication,
  • involvement of graduates in building up modern economy,
  • developing social and civic responsibility

3. The policy of SAH and its educational programs contain:

  • the Academy’s mission - general principles for functioning including guidelines for curricula content, correlation between instruction and research activities, quality and standards. The above principles are based on the interests of the main stakeholders: students, lecturers and employers.
  • a list of means and procedures for realizing the principles; responsibilities of the faculties, departments, other subdivisions and the staff to provide quality of education curricula; forms of students’ involvement in monitoring quality assurance

The policy of the Academy is approved by the Academic Council and amended not less than once in 6 years. Some issues of the Policy are a part of the work agenda of the Academic Council and the Administration.. The quality policy is monitored by:

  • the academy founders upon the approval of the Rector’s annual report
  • Bodies of Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency
  • Rector’s Council
  • Academic Council
  • Employers
  • Regular committees for assessing particular aspects of the Academy’s activities
  • Special committees founded in accordance with the Rector’s orders.